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Stoke on Trent



Our Mission

The Flower Lounge Florist really is the local florist that cares.  Costs are kept down, therefore prices are kept down... I purchase all of my stock from the best suppliers in the city, fresh weekly or part weekly, just like every other florist... the only difference is between my florist and any other, is the price my clients pay.  

Our Story

The Flower Lounge is my second business venture of 2017, I also have a photography business.  They were both started with drive and passion that had been put on the back burner for a long time.  I started with my camera, and an online florist course.  Now I am working really hard to maintain my 5 star review status to date and will keep doing so until my next venue is within reach.  My market currently is local.. I want to expand and ensure that locals within each corner of the city are able to get the best price for the best quality goods from their local florist. 

The Brown Box Range.  

The Brown box range is a selection of products and bouquets that I am very proud of.  The packaging was selected and designed by myself, and 100% recyclable.  The Range, available in store and soon, online features vegan and cruelty free soaps and body mud and butters.  The flowers within the range are very earthy and long lasting, lots of seasonal and year round plants are also available within this range.  

The Bohflora Range,

The Bohflora range is tailored more toward weddings, corporate and business bookings.  Featuring elaborate pieces such as glass bubble bouquets, wedding/ Bridal packages, Flower walls and interior decor pieces.  Free consultations are always available (appointments not always required but please call or email the florist first in case staff are busy) to discuss your requirements. 

The Flower Lounge Range 

The Flower Lounge range covers a wider scope of design.  This section of the Florist is tailored to sympathy/tribute flowers, shop sales, foot trade within the florist and seasonal sundries. Mothers day and valentines day specials are also within The Flower Lounge Range. We can provide something for every budget.  Pop along anytime and take a browse through the stores sundries department, greetings cards or gifts.. everyone always welcome.

Well Wishes 

2017 has been full of trials, tribulations, shocks and pleasant surprises ... I could not have been so fortunate within my ventures if it hadn't of been for the support from local surrounding businesses, my family and friends, or my wonderful loyal clients.  I will forever be grateful.. Please stop by anytime, and keep an eye out! over the next year or two The Flower Lounge will be popping up at local trades fairs, markets and Christmas stalls ... or if I work hard enough.. the next florist will be in a town near you! Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year from the team at The Flower Lounge.

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